If you enter a new website project expecting to be free of responsibility, you can be certain that the project will veer off course at some point.

If you want your project to go off without a hitch from beginning to end, there are certain things that you, as the business’s representative, must always provide.

Among these include:

Yes, you must peruse each and every one of the terms and conditions before you can proceed.

Some form of advance payment to commence work
Website assets (e.g. logo files, image files, content)
Existing login credentials for the domain, content management system, and web host
Current URLs and identities for social media accounts
Existing access credentials for analytics and webmaster tools accounts
Providing responses to essential online marketing strategy concerns
You can prevent unnecessary delays by submitting all of these items in advance.


TIP: If you really want to get your project off on the proper foot, create a comprehensive sitemap for your website project in advance.